Spine board

Spine board

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A spine board, often referred to as a backboard, is a medical device used to immobilize and safely transport patients who might have a spinal or neck injury. Its primary purpose is to prevent any movement that could exacerbate a potential spinal injury during the transfer of a patient.


1. Rigid Structure: Provides a stable surface for the patient, ensuring the spine remains as immobile as possible.

2. Straps: Typically, the board has multiple straps to secure the patient and prevent any movement during transport.

3. Handholds: These are integrated into the design to allow multiple rescuers to lift and transport the board with a patient securely attached.

4. Radiolucent: Many spine boards are designed to be radiolucent, meaning they don’t interfere with X-rays. This feature allows medical professionals to X-ray a patient without removing them from the board.

5. Waterproof: The material is typically waterproof, making it suitable for various environments, including water rescues.


1. Spinal Immobilization: The primary benefit of a spine board is the protection and immobilization of the spine in trauma cases where a spinal injury is suspected.

2. Versatile Use: It can be used in various environments and scenarios, from road traffic accidents to sports injuries or falls.

3. Easy Transportation: The board allows for easy and safe transport of patients from the scene of an accident to an ambulance and then to a medical facility.

185*48*7cm, 1pcs/ctn, 160kg