Ripple mattress

Ripple mattress

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A ripple mattress, more commonly known as an alternating pressure mattress or air pressure mattress, is a medical device used to prevent or treat pressure ulcers (also known as bedsores). It’s especially beneficial for bedridden patients who spend extended periods in bed and are at high risk for developing these ulcers.

1. Mechanism: The mattress is made up of a series of interconnected air cells that inflate and deflate in a controlled alternating pattern. This movement helps to redistribute pressure on the body, reducing the prolonged pressure on any single point.

2. Reduction of Pressure Points: The alternating pressure ensures that no single point on the body is under constant pressure, which is a primary cause of bedsores.

3. Improves Circulation: By periodically redistributing pressure, blood flow is encouraged to areas which might otherwise be starved of circulation.

4. Moisture Control: Some ripple mattresses come with a top layer that wicks away moisture, ensuring the patient remains dry, which is essential in preventing bedsores.

5. Adjustability: Many modern ripple mattresses allow caregivers to adjust the level of pressure and the timing of the alternating cycles based on the patient’s needs.

6. Combination with Low Air Loss Technology: Some ripple mattresses incorporate low air loss technology, where tiny holes in the air cells release air to help keep the skin cool and dry.