Digital thermometer

Digital thermometer

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A digital thermometer is a device that measures temperature electronically and displays the reading digitally. Digital thermometers offer a quick, accurate, and easy way to monitor body temperature, which can indicate fever and other health-related concerns.


1. Display: Digital display to easily read the temperature.

2. Fever Alert: Some thermometers have a feature that alerts the user if the temperature indicates a fever, often with a change in color or sound.

3. Memory: Can store previous readings, allowing users to track temperature changes over time.

4. Flexible Tip: Some oral, axillary, or rectal thermometers come with a flexible tip for comfort.

5. Fast Readings: Many modern digital thermometers provide readings within a few seconds.

6. Auto-off: Helps save battery by turning the thermometer off after a certain period of inactivity.

7. Units: Allow users to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.

48X31.5x29.5CM, 500pcs/Carton, 10.35kg.